Fall 2018 Fusion Magazine issue

Volume 42 No. 2
Fall issue of FUSION Magazine
Learn about Fusion’s inaugural Breakthrough Exhibition and the Clay and Glass Gallery Exhibition.


“… And lastly, the elaborate You Must Carry My Bones Up From This Place (Fig.5) by Joon Hee Kim, though largely still mysterious to me, kind of blew my mind. This work was a gothic-art-meets-day-of-the-dead-meetsgingerbread- house sort of altar. In the basic form of a rectangular dwelling with a pitched roof, and about the size of a child’s dollhouse, the work is symmetrically decorated with skeletons, cherubs, lizards, horses, and a selection of semi-spherical and lacy protrusions. The roof appears to be a removable lid, under which a layer of stark red can be detected. Made entirely of porcelain, it is otherwise bone-white and detailed with blue glaze, gold lustre, and mother of pearl.
I promptly google-searched Kim, originally from South Korea, to find an impressive proliferation of casting works in both metals and ceramics. Another search revealed that the title of the work references a biblical passage about the sons of Joseph carrying his bones with them out of Egypt. Kim’s ‘multilayered casting process’ echoes the work’s multi-dimensional appeal: it’s an amalgam of influences, of cultural references. As noted in her artist statement, the work wishes to convey ‘the persevering burden of human relationships, behaviours...and reflecting personal and mysterious aspects of life.’ Well, I’m hooked” (Leslie Menagh, 22).