Art is no longer separated from everyday life and objects should remain in historical, cultural, or social contexts as a source of particular identity connected with a place and time. My work encourages the viewer to explore ceramics according to cultural, historical and technical aspects, and actively reinterprets and subverts the heritage of ceramics. Clay was used to create objects to serve different functions for every culture, and ceramic objects, some more than 20 000 years old, bear the traces of human presence, their customs, and their histories. My work is an expansion of the transformational beauty, adding another essential function to the process. There is joy in juxtaposing classical art and historical heritage, with contemporary concerns. A large collection of personal anecdotes are found in a new context, exhibiting sometimes contradicting elements - traditional and modern, handmade and readymade, fullness and emptiness, life and death.

It’s said that the human body is a living vessel. My work consists of sculptural ceramics around my interpretation of the human form as a vessel. The traditional vessel forms bring familiarities of language, of the readymade, provoking a sense of memories, experience, and re-use. Objects contain multiple layers of meaningful visual notions to exist beyond generational tradition, advancing its social positioning to an object of inspiration. Highlighting the object’s internal resonances, the narratives are deliberately left open to interpretations, challenging and redefining the perception of functional form to create multiple-view points within a global context, both historical and decorative. My work moves the ordinary into the symbolic archetype reconciling tradition from my culture to become a measure of human experience. Ceramics truly embraces all major elements of life - air, earth, fire and water, linked directly to the artist in the making of an object with human hands and touch. My deeper understanding of ceramics brings me in direct contact with the history of life. I develop a notion for both some hidden parts of history and the contemporary nature of the work, and consider different versions of history to provide new perspective on heritage and the exploration of the cross sectional area between arts and crafts.