My Eyes Are On You


It’s said human head is living vessel. Heads I work on are vessel forms, using coils and hand building as I would on traditional vessel. Familiarities of shapes of various vessel types in a form of language of ready-made are brought to us generating sense of memories, experience, and re-use.
This experimental approach exhibits not only reconciling tradition and individuation, but also each form’s chronologies and significances. Recalling clay vessel dissolved and visually refreshed for contemporary, objects contain multiple layers of meaningful visual notions to exist beyond traditions in each generation, advancing its social positioning to object of inspiration.

You Will Do What You Say 
Glazed Ceramic, Gold Luster
Each 45cm x 112cm x 35cm

This We Know 
Glazed Ceramic, Gold Luster
80cm x 100cm x 60cm

My Heart is Yours 
Glazed Ceramic, Gold Luster
80cm x 102cm x 72cm

Full Moon 
Glazed Ceramic, Gold Luster
57cm x 67cm x 60cm

Garden Urns 
Glazed Ceramic
52cm x 114cm x 49cm