Parallax Art Fair July 2016

Briefly after I arrived in London, I received a mail from Tom Moore who is a manager at Parallax Art Fair London. He had seen my work through Craft Ontario’s homepage and Instagram, and that he is interested in my work and made an offer for me to participate at the PAF 2016 in July. I thought that it would be a good opportunity for my work to be introduced, get new feedbacks, and meet various artists from Europe. Most of all, it would be a new experience at an unfamiliar place where there will be new inspirations, and I decided to participate and started preparing for the fair. 

Parallax Art Fair July 2016
Chelsea Town Hall, SW3 5EE
Friday 22nd July, 7pm-10pm Private View
Saturday 23rd July, 11am-5pm
Sunday 24th July, 11am-5pm


I want to give my special thanks to Craft Ontario. I was encouraged through various awards, and nourished to mature into an artist outside of school. Also, my work was exposed and received publicity through Craft Ontario’s media channels, and thank you for opening doors for other potentials.