My work is contemporary object of record and communication conveying new narrative of my personal moments. It reflects the persevering burden of human relationships, behaviours, and emotions, as collective anecdote representing aspects of life of both standard and mysterious. As transdisciplinary practice, combination of contradicting elements will be laid out to observe traditional and modern, and life and death, navigating into culture’s contradictions and transformation of object into new visual language. Often defined by their physicality, object forms convey sense of detachment and indifference. I use Baroque-inspired decoration to stretch beyond the traditional function and imagination of the viewer, and its shapes illustrate my hidden memories. With an engaging narrative, connections emerge between past and present.

The aim is to metal cast variety of selective and personal found objects, casted objects and great resource of readymade to reassemble and observe for reshaping and renewing familiar form, as the fascinating texture of clay rejuvenated on the metal while preserving the spurs created when molten metal was poured into the molds. This multilayered process adds unusual and holographic characteristic making way for contemporary role of sculpture as innovative challenges fill my daily life. This process creates narrative while recognizing object as a relevant tool to measure human existence and absence by expanding from their original meaning, and rediscover and reassess the meaning of object.

Sculptures that I make celebrate each and every moment of life rather than the short glory at the end. Through visual language that speaks of tears, emotions, and the bright moments that are often disregarded, these objects shape of and engage personal narrative. This form of work reflects the rebuilding of the ruins of life. The hope is to complete the race with a flourishing end.