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Volume 42 No. 2
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“… And lastly, the elaborate You Must Carry My Bones Up From This Place (Fig.5) by Joon Hee Kim, though largely still mysterious to me, kind of blew my mind. This work was a gothic-art-meets-day-of-the-dead-meetsgingerbread- house sort of altar. In the basic form of a rectangular dwelling with a pitched roof, and about the size of a child’s dollhouse, the work is symmetrically decorated with skeletons, cherubs, lizards, horses, and a selection of semi-spherical and lacy protrusions. The roof appears to be a removable lid, under which a layer of stark red can be detected. Made entirely of porcelain, it is otherwise bone-white and detailed with blue glaze, gold lustre, and mother of pearl.
I promptly google-searched Kim, originally from South Korea, to find an impressive proliferation of casting works in both metals and ceramics. Another search revealed that the title of the work references a biblical passage about the sons of Joseph carrying his bones with them out of Egypt. Kim’s ‘multilayered casting process’ echoes the work’s multi-dimensional appeal: it’s an amalgam of influences, of cultural references. As noted in her artist statement, the work wishes to convey ‘the persevering burden of human relationships, behaviours...and reflecting personal and mysterious aspects of life.’ Well, I’m hooked” (Leslie Menagh, 22).

Curation Essay for Joon Hee Kim

My Eyes are on You
Dan Laurie Family Courtyard
June 1 - September 23

Curation Essay for Joon Hee Kim
Jonathan Smith, Curator of Collection - Art Gallery of Burlington



Since 1989, a unique feature of the summer exhibition schedule at the Art Gallery of Burlington has been the large scale ceramic installation in the Dan Laurie Family Courtyard. This exhibition is extended to a mid to late career artist as an opportunity, and as a challenge to create a themed program of work in a generous space, working with the existing elements to produce a unified work that reflects both the artist’s interest and the space. This year we are very happy to introduce Joon Hee Kim, a recent graduate of Sheridan College and one of the youngest artists to explore this space.


Born in Seoul Korea, Joon Hee Kim brings both the appreciation of her national ceramic history and a grasp of the historical nature of Western garden traditions to her installation. When looking at her installation ‘My Eyes are on You’, two contrasting ideas present themselves – one the symmetry of 18th century formal French court gardens and then the unnerving group of large ceramic heads. But the clash of these two elements is not as random as it might seem at first. The heads echo the famous Park of the Monsters in Bomarzo Italy. This mysterious garden was the produce of Duke Pier Francesco ‘Vicino’ Orsini, the Duke of Bronzino, who in the mid- 1550’s set out to create a pleasure garden in a style known as Mannerism, that strayed from the formal restraints of the time. The Mannerist style was later replaced with the formal classical style of the gardens of Versailles, which were eventually then replaced by the naturalism of the English landscape gardens of Capability Brown.

Joon has zeroed in on a little noticed design factor of the Dan Laurie Courtyard, where the once formal planting of the garden, tight rows of shrubs and large beds of singular plantings have started to give way to a more natural assortment of shrubberies. This like the park of the Monsters is a transition point between two styles, such as from the Renaissance to the Baroque or from the Classical to the Romantic. She has taken this idea of transition and applied it to her exhibition. Two pairs of urns, matched and on pedestals are very much in the style of a formal garden, symmetrical and covered with a profusion of decorative scroll work (the one set is covered with small clay rosettes that had their origins in the Baroque garden grottos decorated with floral forms constructed from sea shells). These two sets are both glazed with veils of transparent, flowing, washes that mimic the patina of moss and lichen that cover ancient stonework. In contrast the large heads have a much crisper look, as if to indicate that they are newer. While the urns on pedestals are in keeping with the overall scale of the courtyard the heads are oversized so that they dominate the space. It is their scale that connects these pieces to the Park of the Monsters.

Transition points, where change is happening, are often a source of discomfort, not being rooted in the past and not sure of the future. But they are just as lucky to lead to greater things. If one examines the large heads carefully, while there is a resemblance to Buddhist sculpture, these faces have a feminine cast. The longer one looks at them the less threatening they seem. This gives them a look of reassurance so that the future that at first looked intimidating now looks brighter.

1333 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7S 1A9
T: 905.632.7796 • 905.632.0278


This summer, I'll be holding my first solo exhibition. 
This exhibition is expected to showcase my most recent work, including the work from the Shigaraki Residency.

Please come with your friends and family and enjoy the summer breeze at the Burlington Art Centre's courtyard, where the summer exhibition will be held.



Joon Hee Kim

May 26 - Sep 9, 2018
Dan Lawrie Family Courtyard
Art Gallery of Burlington

Opening reception: 
Friday June 1, 2018, 6-9 pm


logo-glass copy.jpg



Craft Ontario '17 Juried Member Exhibition


MARCH 23 – JUNE 3, 2017
Craft Ontario Gallery
1106 Queen Street W., Toronto

Opening Reception, Thursday, March 23, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Please join us to celebrate the work of twenty accomplished Craft Professional members in the Craft Ontario ’17 biennial juried exhibition.

Craft Ontario ’17 surveys the work of members across the province, and presents the very best of contemporary craft. Since 1975 Craft Ontario has supported the development of contemporary craft through juried exhibitions of member work, and during this year’s Opening Reception, the recipients of the following awards will be announced: Award of Excellence, $750; Best in Show, $500; and Honourable Mention, $250. The exhibition includes a diverse collection of work that ranges from delicate ceramic sculpture to mid-century inspiredfurniture. Jewellery pieces feature designs in Washi paper and Mylar, glass is incorporated into narrative installations, and fibre is explored through textured wall hangings and figurative sculpture. Juried by Gordon Thompson (Sheridan College Craft & Design Program) and Chung-Im Kim (OCAD University Material Art & Design Program).

Craft Ontario ’17 features the work of:





















Made in Arts London

I am honoured to be the new addition to the 40 Artists of 2016-2017 Made in Arts London. Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a not for profit enterprise, originally founded by students and nested within the Students Union of UAL. Their aim is to support current UAL students and recent graduates through promoting and selling their work, providing professional development sessions and opportunities for networking at industry level. Please remember to check out my work and profile when you visit Made in Arts London online.


    Joon Hee Kim MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2016  https://www.madeinartslondon.com/pages/joon-hee-kim   


Joon Hee Kim
MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2016



You Must Carry My Bones Up From This Place  https://www.madeinartslondon.com/products/you-must-carry-my-bones-up-from-this-place#.WMYDqzth2Rs

You Must Carry My Bones Up From This Place

I Will Rest in Your Promises  https://www.madeinartslondon.com/products/i-will-rest-in-your-promises#.WMYECzth2Rs

I Will Rest in Your Promises





September 23–November 28, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Location: Art Gallery of Burlington, Perry Gallery
1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington

Craft Ontario is committed to fostering the next generation of professional craft practice, and this year’s exhibition is the third annual juried collection of emerging work that celebrates a diversity of creative, innovative and skilled incarnations of material culture. 2016 also marks Craft Ontario’s 40th anniversary, and as part of this celebratory year, Craft Ontario is partnering with the Art Gallery of Burlington to host the exhibition in the Perry Gallery space. Juried by Denis Longchamps and Janna Hiemstra, Materialize presents the work of:

Alex Kinsley
Amanda Gresik
Andrée Chénier
Anne-Sophie Vallée
Brittany MacDougall
Cassic Ho
ChengOu Yu
Emma Chorostecki
Karla Rivera
Kristian Spreen
Joon Hee Kim
Pasha Moezzi
Nurielle Stern
Reid Ferguson
Richard Chan
Tammy McClennan

The Graduate Art Prize

Fortunately, three of my pieces have made it on the short list of the Graduate Art Prize 2016.
The following are the three pieces on the list.

You will come to life (50cm x 70cm x 30cm) Up on shoulder (50cm x 77cm x 33cm) The fall (35cm x 31cm x 14cm)

You will come to life (50cm x 70cm x 30cm)
Up on shoulder (50cm x 77cm x 33cm)
The fall (35cm x 31cm x 14cm)

Founded in 2013, the Graduate Art Prize was set up with the direct aim of introducing young artists directly to the corporate art market, providing another means of supporting them and helping get their careers off the ground, away from the traditional gallery route.

The award was first set up in 2013 by art consultants ARTIQ(Formerly Works in Print), together with the London office of global law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. ARTIQ created the event together with Herbert Smith Freehills and administers it, whilst Herbert Smith Freehills is the event sponsor and also showcases the finalists in a prestigious private view and exhibition.

The winner receives a £1,000 cash prize and all shortlisted artists will get the opportunity to sign with ARTIQ, an innovative art consultancy with a variety of clients ranging from large international corporates to collectors who have a keen interest in emerging, talented artists.

It is an honour to be given a great opportunity as I finish the MA Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art. The winner of the prize will be chosen by public vote and announced at an exclusive event on 8th November, so please view and enjoy the work in the gallery or online, and I would appreciate your participation. The exhibition will then be on display until November.

http://www.graduateartprize.com    Vote for 2016 Winner!

Vote for 2016 Winner!




Herbert Smith Freehills   http://www.herbertsmithfreehills.com Exchange House, Primrose St, London EC2A 2EG 020 7374 8000   

Herbert Smith Freehills
Exchange House, Primrose St, London EC2A 2EG
020 7374 8000


http:// www.artiq.co    Studios 27 & 28 Containerville, 5-10 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9DS        020 3137 2101

Studios 27 & 28 Containerville, 5-10 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9DS    
020 3137 2101

MA Summer Show 2016 / Chelsea College of Arts

Check out the up-and-coming artists of tomorrow at Chelsea College of Arts' MA Summer Show and see the culmination of one year’s intense MA Fine Art study

Exhibition dates: 3 – 9 September 2016
Private View: Monday 5th September 6pm - 9pm

From 3 – 9 September 2016 79 MA Fine Art students will present their final work at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, in an exhibition of work from up-and-coming artists which covers a wide range of media from sculpture, installation, painting and photography to video and performance. 

MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts is one of the longest running postgraduate fine art courses in the country, delivering a programme that covers the entire spectrum of what fine art is and can be. The course supports a very broad interdisciplinary notion of art practice through the realisation of ideas in a wide range of media, materials, technology and processes. MA Fine Art at Chelsea is part of a postgraduate programme consisting of five specialist courses. Together with MA Graphic Design Communication, MA Interior & Spatial Design, MA Textile Design, MA Curating & Collections, all of whom will be exhibiting at this exciting end-of-year showcase.

Thematic Guided Tours will be offered at the following times:

Saturday 3rd September
12:00 - Gender and the Female Body
14:00 - Historicity and Transnational Borders
16:00 - Ritual and Magic

Sunday 4th September
12:00 - Nature, Urbanism and Architectural Structures
14:00 - Painting Today
16:00 - Form and Materiality

The meeting point for the tours will be in the canteen at Chelsea (located by the main reception at the Atterbury Street entrance, opposite Tate Britain). The tours will run for 30 Minutes.
Artist talks by guests and MA Fine Art students to be announced.

Open to general public: 
Saturday 3rd September - 11am - 5pm
Sunday 4th September - 11am - 5pm
Monday 5th September – 10am – 9pm
Tuesday 6th September – 10am – 8pm
Wednesday 7th September – 10am – 8pm
Thursday 8th September – 10am – 8pm
Friday 9th September – 10am – 8pm

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU 

More information:






contact: mafa.chelsea@gmail.com

#madeatchelsea #ualsummershow #mafa16_chelsea_ual